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Frank Wilkat is music and program consultant at ANTENNE BAYERN. Our music department depends on Mr Wilkat for program advice and assistance for both the mother ship ANTENNE BAYERN and our digital streams. In addition to consulting, he has established a digital music research program to help us identify listener-hits early. Mr Wilkat is a valuable asset. His sophisticated and analytical advice as well as his many years of loyalty towards the company have made working with him a pleasure.

Valerie Weber
Programdirector ANTENNE BAYERN


Radio Center is Slovenia’s Number One Radio Station. Frank Wilkat is the consultant who helped us get there! Frank has the radio “virus” and he passed it on to our entire team! Frank’s know-how and experience in European Markets are vital to our long range plans for Radio Center. If you want to be number one and are prepared to shake up your market, call Frank!

David Irgolič
Programdirector Radio Center Slovenia


Frank Wilkat is a valuable asset for any Radio Station. Noone I know has more experience consulting stations in Central and Eastern Europe. As an added bonus, Frank is one of Europes Best Music Strategists.

Rik De Lisle
Director Alan Burns & Associates Europe Radio Consulting.


I have worked closely with Frank Wilkat over a two year period and I was always impressed with his passion for music programming. He will always come up with an original solution for any type of issue, go into extensive analysis of music test and has a proactive approach to topics that every manager is in search of. Finally, Frank is a very good trainor and is never shy to share his tricks and recepies.

Frédéric Antelme
International Marketing & Promotion Director NRJ – ENERGY France


Frank Wilkat is passionate about Radio. He combines Strategy and a healthy gut feeling as only a radio freak can do . I appreciate what Frank “brings to the table”. And every session is inspiring.

Carsten Hoyer
Programdirector antenne niedersachsen


Frank Wilkat brings back music creativity and power into strictly formated markets. Frank has improved on inovative tools like RCS music scheduling software “G-Selector” to help create up-to-date music programming. He not only simply uses the new G-Selector , he lives it. Frank knows what G-Selector is about and makes the most out of it. It’s great working together with him.”

Jens Heinl
RCS – The World’s Largest Broadcast Software Company

Frank Wilkat specializes in In-Depth Musik Strategy. I have learned to be able to trust his judgement. In terms of Music Programming, Frank is solid as a rock.

Carola Jung
Programdirector NRJ Berlin

Frank is one of the most forthright and cosmopolitan persons I’ve ever met. He is totally focused in music, research and scheduling and brings these areas perfect together. The way he programs MusicMaster in the short time he has gotten familiar with the software is absolutely amazing. I’m happy to work with and for him and hope we can finish more successful projects in the future.”

Justus Fischer

MusicMaster – The World’s Number One Music Scheduling Software for Windows®


I first began working with Frank Wilkat in 2003. He taught me things about research, program and music strategy , and creating of strong Morning show that I still use to this day. It’s amazing to see how the simple smart tools, which Frank gave to me, work perfectly in different markets, different radio formats and with different talents.

Svetlozar Bodurov
PD Radio Veselina Bulgaria & Ex PD of Radio Atlantic


Frank Wilkat asks the right questions and that paves the way to answers and solutions. He knows Radio “inside – out”. His specialty? The Listener. We call him “The Listeners Lawyer”, because he always takes their side.

Klaus Vorbrodt
General Manager & Programdirector RADIO PSR Saxony


During my 9 year tenure at KISS FM in Berlin , I worked with a great team. KISS FM (Berlin) is more than a Radiostation, it’s a community, a separate Lifestyle. Frank Wilkat made important contributions to our success. We saw him always as part of the team and appreciated his experience. His strengths are an analytical methodology, strategic recommondations and his knowledge of different radio markets and radio formats.

Marco Brandt
General Manager & Programdirector KISS FM Berlin


Our cooperation with Mr. Frank Wilkat is based on his broad overview, know-how and knowledge in radio. Mr. Wilkat reduces complex and complicated issues in a way, that makes them easy to understand. And, so we are able to discuss and exchange ideas on an equal level. A reliable partner!

Volker Schwarzenberg
General Manager NRJ – ENERGY Saxony


Frank Wilkat, for me and my colleagues you are like Joda in the world of consulting jedies  ) You have the knowledge, patience and passion for creating the best radio program, for establishing a winning brand into a crowded market and motivate radio-people to give the best from their brains and hearts.

Katerina Chonova
PD & MD The Voice Radio Bulgaria & Ex PD & MD of Vitosha Radio


For many years I enjoyed working with Frank Wilkat and I found him to be hard working, enthusiastic and committed.

Andy Beaubien
Consultant BP&R USA

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