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facebook radio strategy

Let radio be where your listeners are. Social media is the way to stay in contact with woman mostly under 30. (30% of woman 14-29 use facebook). They love it ´cause it’s easy to stay 24h in contact with friends & family – always & anywhere.

3 basic facebook radio rules

1. Interest drives awareness – share interest
2. Be a listener
3. Accept critique & acknowledge your faults

Facebook friends ≠ radio listeners. Social media pays off for your radio if you convert interest into listening. Make facebook fans with interest in your radio to friends. Establish a  long term relation ships by dialog marketing.

social media added value

What are my friends doing right now? Who has posted new interesting things? What can I comment? Who commented on my post? What has a friend sent me that I can post to other friends?

social media radio circle (

You need a Moderator who takes full time care of your social network. Friends are people whom I’m in a one-to-one relastionship. Fit your facebook friends lifesyle.

the average social media member

100 Friends total
50 Minutes daily
25 Comments monthly
10 Friend requests monthly
5 Fans monthly
2 Events invitations monthly

10% of all woman 14-29 using facebook mobile – mobile user are double active.

TOP 3 for new friends on facebook

Extend your social media network by targeting P2’s and new listeners. Convert them to new listeners by dialog marketing.

1. Word of mouth specials (Money, Tickets etc.)
2. Hot topic discussions (Morning Show driven) about things people interested in
3. Unique Content (Comedy, Videos etc.)

Your P1’s will find you in social media by interest.

social media to radio conversion (

Your social media website

Logo (Claim)
Link (Website)
Listen (Live Player)
Short description Box (Why “I’like” & Search “Keywords”)
Morning Show Tab (Topics, Bits, Pictures, Video and Audio)

Only 20% off all facebook users notice advertisment in facebook.

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